Hi there, I'm Maddie and I'm a UGC content creator.
I curate cinematic and aesthetic user-generated content videos  around  #fashion #lifestyle #hotelstays #product #makeup #placestogo #travelling.​​​​​​​

Top videos

Video for Airbnb Miami Stay
"Waking up in Miami be like.." 
- 397 Accounts reached
 - 468 plays
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Video for Pursuit OCR, Obstacle course in Toronto
"Mystery date idea>>>"
- 5,800 Accounts reached
- 5,791 plays
- 545 Content interaction
- 480 Likes, 39 Saves, 21 shares
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More works

Video for Sky Tours Miami
"Birthday ideas in Miami>>>"
- 585 Accounts reached
- 895 plays
-56 content interactions
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Trendy Fashion style video
"Are you a Lalala girl or an Okokok girl?"
- 841 Accounts reached
- 892 plays
- Total watch time 5 secs / total video 7 secs
-102 content interactions
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What do I offer?
An authentic experience tailored to your audience.
A aesthetically-pleasing curated user-generated video ultilizing social media trends, seo-optimized video, planned script and content, delivered with a timely timeline, with the right actors and setting.

A little more about your video creator
I'm an Art director at a social media agency, and a digital artist. I have been working with social marketing for 3 years and have gotten very familiar with creating organic and paid content in Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Facebook. Filming videos is something I really enjoy and I would love to use my skills to promote other products and brands.

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