The Story
le Freak Media presents the le Freak Magazine issue 01. 
Le Freak Media is an outlet that wants to celebrate art in every form.

Our purpose is to give space to showcase your work - and talk about it. We know how hard it is to get featured, published, and recognized in this field. This is our way to make you feel fulfilled as an artist, and motivate you to always do more, and never stop creating.
Art Direction & Editorial Design: 
Issue 01. Cover, Magazine Layout, the planning in Contents
Art Direction & Design: 
Issue 01. Social Media Promoting Campaign
Website Design: 
Issue 01. le Freak Media's Magazine Website
The process: 
Choosing the cover was a long process! We wanted to show in all there is beauty, so we played around with a lot of potential options that were submitted by awesome artist.
Thank you so much for your submissions and awesome work, it has always been a pleasure to spread artists’ art and story! When I see other artist comment each other’s good work on our social media, I feel touched because we made this platform for artist to share and critique their work. I always find beauty in any form of art.
Thank you Letizia for going ‘le freak’ with me, at first I just wanted to make a magazine with great artists but my goal has shifted to spreading art, inspire and reflect public and connecting artists together. It has been very fun curating with Letizia on this journey and can’t wait to make Le Freak Issue 02. and work on other projects :)!
Please enjoy le freak Issue 01!

made with love,
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