Art Direction for Le Freak Media
''What ever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.''
We are a collective of creatives. We publish your story and art through social media and magazines, join the le Freak family.

Le Freak Media Motion Ad created in Adobe Premiere, Adobe XD for social media campaign

Creative Design
Creating a brand image for le Freak Media, intended to show a professional tone through the modern designs and visuals to appeal to the artists, public audience, and contemporary fine art audience.
Art Direction, selecting artist work for daily showcase #lefreakmedia.
Creating a 9-grid feature of works from artist, who convey similar tones. I usually select works that makes the viewers reflect, that are moody, interesting, dynamic, and sometimes conceptual.
Art Direction & Design
With the weekly interviews visuals, the best work from the artist is selected as their profile cover, the image that speaks and represents 'the artist' the most. Sometimes a additional quote graphic from their interview with us. 
Branding & Design
Re-branding Le Freak Media logo, and assets to suit a more modern audience and deliver a clearer brand message.
Website Design
The website designed to be centered to a blogging format, easy for viewers to navigate our weekly interview blog posts, but also emphasizing a clear and strong brand message ''Le Freak can be your new home, the way you tell your story online can make a difference''; that we welcome artists to share their work, tell their story. The big button ''Submission'' is always on the accessible menu.
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